Monday, July 24, 2006

The Ex-Files

The car crashes just keep on piling up. Fresh (and I mean fresh, the wrapper is still on this divorce) from splitting up with her second husband, Gillian 'The X Files' Anderson is pregnant by someone else. While husband number two, who lasted no more than 18 months, is probably still unpacking his books and getting used to having all the bed to himself again, Gillian has already met someone else, moved in with him and got herself up the duff.

So Gillian isn't exactly ideal wife material. That's blatantly clear to us and her two ex-husbands but how can that not be clear to prospective husband number three, Mark Griffiths, director of a wheelclamping company? And who's to say that there wasn't some overlap? It all seems a bit smooth and fast to me. And completely devoid of morals or sense. She's got you by the balls now, Mark. You have been well and truly clamped. Expect to be towed to the ex-husband pound some time very soon.

She's all class, that Gillian

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