Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hawaii Sex O

And it just keeps on getting worse. Fresh from handing the kids over to KFed under orders from a court, Britney is now facing another potential personal disaster. Never mind the driving licence/hit-and-run incident - some guy in Hawaii is claiming he made a sex tape with Britney this summer and he's going to make it public.

Britney apparently met this guy at the bar of the Four Seasons hotel one evening in June. After more than a few drinks and no doubt a few snorts in the rest room, Britney took the guy to her room. Before getting down to 25 minutes of 'disappointing' sex, the guy turned his camera on and captured his lacklustre performance for posterity. And clearly for the huge amount of money he stands to make from either handing over the tape to Britney or selling it to some unscrupulous internet company.

So far, he's held back the tape because he's ashamed of his performance. No doubt he was distracted by all dollar signs flashing in front of his eyes.

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