Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wigging Out

So Madge has new hair. But is it real or is it a wig?

If it's real, then she's stuck with a style that makes her look severe and masculine. Finally she's found the haircut to match her personality.

If she's trying to cover up her ageing face how about trying the easy option? Food. That sinewy, hollow face would look a whole lot better with a bit of fat on it. Despite all this talk of scoffing sausage rolls and pints of ale, Madonna clearly never lets a milligram of fat pass her lips. You only have to look at her husband's pissed off face to see that.


From Beyond The Grave

It's been a bad week for Jordan's permatan hubbie Peter Andre. First he goes to hospital with suspected meningitis and then he discovers that's he actually dead. Never slow to wring a disaster out of a drama the British gutter press started circulating the rumour that Andre had actually died yesterday. It really says something about his 'popularity' (or maybe the lack of celeb news this week) that journalists immediately jump on the death bandwagon.

While Andre is already living some kind of half life as Jordan's well-oiled appendage, he is certainly not dead. At least his official website claims he's not. http://www.peter-andre.net/pages/news.htm

Once his illness has passed what are the odds that Jordan will be milking it for all it's worth? I see deals with tat celeb magazines and more TV series.

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